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NSF Youth Trip Participants Win Iconic Team Chase

Congratulations to three alumni of the National Steeplechase Foundation (NSF) youth trips who comprised the team that claimed the coveted Foxhall Farm Cup for their win in the Foxhall Farm Cup Team Chase in Glyndon, MD, on March 20, 2016.

Tatiana Sushko, riding her own Christian’s Star, along with Hazel O’Neil on Admiral Bull and her sister Maisie O’Neil on Ghost Bar, both horses owned by Mint Meadows Farm, jumped all 24 jumps over the approximate 3.5 mile course in an impressive 11 minutes and 27 seconds, the fastest time of the 21 teams entered. 

In the spirit of the NSF’s support for amateurs, the Foxhall Farm Cup Team Chase is a symbol of steeplechase’s long tradition of providing opportunities for young people to put their skills to work as they gain experience in the sport of jump racing. 

The annual event originated in 1920 when Foxhall P. Keene held the inaugural race at his Foxhall Farm in Monkton, MD.  Still today, its purpose is to introduce less experienced riders and horses to point-to- point racing while inspiring everyone to have fun riding cross-country.

The deadline for the 2016 NSF Youth Trip is June 1, 2016.

The National Steeplechase Foundation (NSF) works to secure American jump racing’s future by raising and allocating funds for initiatives that focus on safety, education, amateurism and promotion. 

Youth & Pony Racing

youthIreland2The National Steeplechase Foundation (NSF) focuses much of its efforts on supporting the next generation of participants in the sport of American jump racing.

In 2013 NAPPA (North American Point-to- Point Association) closed its doors and passed along its mission to the NSF. With the guidance of U.S. Pony Racing to spearhead the initiatives, the NSF is helping junior racing gain increased popularity in the USA.

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More about the NSF Youth Programs

Your financial support helps pay for youth steeplechase camps, the sponsorship of some races such as the Pennsylvania Junior Hunt Cup and the promotion of junior and pony racing at key events, including the Maryland Horse Expo.

More can be done with your continued gifts and guidance. Together, you can help junior and pony racing grow in the areas where it is already established and expand into other geographical areas.

Download an application for the 2017 Domestic Youth Trip program.

Download a sample itinerary for the 20179 Domestic Youth Trip program.

Your Generosity Changes Lives

“I believe that attending this trip will help me move forward towards a successful career in racing and steeplechasing, become a better rider, learn about another country’s system of racing and culture...”

Those words from John Brophy’s essay that he wrote to be considered for the junior rider trip to Ireland in July captured the essence of how important these types of initiatives are for cultivating the next generation of passionate participants.

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So, you want to be a jockey when you grow up

By Regina Welsh
US Pony Racing

So, you want to be a jockey when you grow up? How does one go from "up-down" lessons on a portly Shetland pony to whizzing over hurdles and under the wire at full speed on a Thoroughbred? The answer lies in the handful of organizations that foster racing for young and amateur riders.

If you are a young rider with race riding aspirations and live in the Mid-Atlantic, you have a major advantage!

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