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NSA National Fence Assembly Video

National Steeplechase Foundation (NSF) closely partners with National Steeplechase Association (NSA) to enhance our sport's safety for horses.

In 2016, NSF sponsored an important "how-to" video for race meets, at the request of NSA's Safety Advisory Committee.

The video explains how to assemble brush fences to meet NSA's requirements. NSA fences are consistent from meet to meet.

Fence standards are under continual review by officials and horsemen for potential improvements. The new fence safety standards are the result of previous a NSF sponsored project, which involved using super slow motion cameras to capture horses jumping some NSA fences during race meets. A team of safety advisors analyzed the video data and concluded that adding a white line to the base of the roll top improved horses' ability to see their takeoff spots for a good jump.

Fences now consist of a steel frame stuffed with plastic "brush". The frames are stabilized on the jump landing side with two feet of steel rods, which ensure the frames do not tip as horses brush through the fences. On the takeoff side, large foam and rubber rolls are covered in green canvass. The green canvass covers also have wide white stripes, marking the ground line and the start of the brush.


marksSafety1Since its inception, the NSF has raised funds for initiatives to improve safety.

Donors like you play a vital role. Thanks to your financial gifts, the NSF is able to fund racecourse inspections, replacement helmets for jockeys, drug testing at sanctioned meets, and provide purses for the second division of maiden races split for safety reasons. And you make it possible for the NSF to share in the costs of the ongoing steeplechase safety study by the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center.

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The Ongoing Safety Study You Can’t Do Without

Through the National Steeplechase Foundation you are helping create the beginnings of a great legacy of safety in American jump racing

Thanks to your generous financial support to the NSF, it has been able to assist Virginia Tech’s Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center since 2004 with its ongoing steeplechase safety study. Without you, the NSF would not be able to provide a yearly grant to cover the costs of the study, one that has led to improved safety conditions in steeplechasing.

Your donations are at work making it possible to collect and analyze data from each of the race meets year after year. The result has been a steady implementation of procedures that have led to a decrease in orthopedic (bone) injuries.

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Your Ideas Have Led the Way, Thank You

Safety is at our core. Because of your generous gifts, foresight and dedication, steeplechase racing is accelerating safety and educational initiatives, and these efforts are having an impact.

With a track record for being one of the most exhilarating sports, an emphasis on the safety of both horses and jockeys is not lost on any of its participants and supporters.

With financial support from you, its donors, the National Steeplechase Foundation (NSF) has been a partner of the Safety Task Force since 2012 when it was established by the National Steeplechase Association (NSA) to evaluate all safety issues.

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