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Spectators & Fans

spectator1For nearly 200 years, American jump racing has been about people’s experiences.

It lets your emotions, self-expression and competitive side have fun.

In a country setting where family and friends tailgate amid the backdrop of galloping horses sailing over hurdles or timber, there are rushes of adrenalin measured in minutes, where everyone gets a reset after each race.

Steeplechasing is about owners’ dreams, spectators’ interest, trainers’ knowledge, organizers and officials’ vision, and jockeys’ skill intersecting to create memorable experiences.

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More Information for Fans

Feel the thrill of American jump racing by watching the videos at Each year, HCP Sports produces over 10 live steeplechase events and 35 races for the National Steeplechase Association (NSA).

And be sure to make your plans to attend American jump racings’ sanctioned meets in 2016. Links from this website to the following organizations will be provided in 2016.

  • Aiken Steeplechase Association
  • Atlanta Steeplechase
  • Block House Races
  • The Steeplechase at Callaway
  • Carolina Cup Racing Association
  • Charleston Cup
  • Colonial Cup Racing Association
  • Fair Hill Races
  • Far Hills Race Meeting
  • Foxfield Spring Races
  • Genesee Valley Hunt Races
  • Grand National Steeplechase
  • High Hope Steeplechase
  • International Gold Cup
  • Iroquois Steeplechase
  • Maryland Hunt Cup
  • Middleburg Spring Races
  • Montpelier Hunt Races
  • My Lady's Manor
  • Pennsylvania Hunt Cup
  • Queen's Cup Steeplechase
  • Radnor Hunt Races
  • Shawan Downs, Inc.
  • Stoneybrook Steeplechase
  • Virginia Fall Races
  • Virginia Gold Cup
  • Willowdale Steeplechase
  • Winterthur Races