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The Benefits to Communities When Steeplechase Comes to Town

National Steeplechase Foundation

Steeplechasing is fun for family and friends but it is also a catalyst for generosity. The 29 sanctioned race meets contribute millions of dollars annually to charities. As an example, the Far Hills Race Meeting Association, which ran the $300,000 Grand National in 2015, has raised more than $18 million for Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset. In recognition, the hospital named its Steeplechase Cancer Center in its honor.

"The entire community benefits when steeplechase comes to town," said Guy Torsilieri, NSA President. Race meets, most operating without the lure of wagering, attract more than half a million spectators each year to the thousands of acres of land that have been protected from development and managed for the enjoyment of horse sport.

The economic impact is substantial. And the love that owners, and other participants, have for their horses has stimulated the creation of public facilities and equine research.