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It’s Showtime

On a crisp spring day in Maryland...

More than 160 steeplechase enthusiasts gathered for the inaugural Owners Symposium and Auction where they had the fortune to listen to three horsemen each speak candidly about his experiences being involved with the sport he loves. In their own words...

cot1Cot Campbell

“I am a steeplechasing debutant and if any of you are thinking about it I encourage you to do it. The great thing about horses and horse racing, and most of you know this, is the anticipation… It puts a little zest in your life, excitement, pizazz… It is a great game and I urge any of you entertaining the idea of any horses today... I urge you to do it...”

Cot Campbell, right, with Arch Kingsley at the Aiken Spring Races - photo by Tod Marks

michaelwarton1Michael Wharton

“I am a guy who is living the dream and I’ve gotten luckier than I ever could have imagined... What do I expect from my trainer? It all boils down to... frequent, open, honest communications... I personally gallop my own horses and I’m involved in the training... If you are involved, please stay involved... if you aren’t involved, please get involved. It’s a lot of fun.”

Michael Wharton enjoying the energy after winning the Virginia Gold Cup - photo by Tod Marks

jonathan1Jonathan Sheppard

“It’s been a pretty good ride so far... I encourage you to join a syndicate to get your feet wet... You can enjoy a day in the country with family and friends... It is more than flat racing which has become more of a numbers game... And if you get lucky as an owner you can actually make a little money... Give your trainer a kick in the rear and tell him to get busy...”

Jonathan Sheppard shaking hands with a young ambassador at the Iroquois Races - photo by Tod Marks